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Gary Player: Don't choke

Gary Player dont choke
Nic du Toit reviews Don’t choke: A champion’s guide to winning under pressure. Zebra Press.

Gary player is universally regarded as one of the best golfers ever, and one of the best sportsmen SA has ever produced. He won no less than 18 major tournament tittles — nine on the regular tour and nine on the senior tour — in a career spanning five decades.

But it is not only golf that made him famous. He is also known as setting an example in leading a clean and healthy life, maintaining an exercising program and living his life strictly in terms of his goals and principles. His dedication to physical fitness and mental preparation has made him successful in a variety of businesses.

He has been a prolific author and has written no less than 26 books. His latest book is titled Don’t choke: A champion’s guide to winning under pressure.

In it Player takes a life lesson from each of his 18 major tournament wins (nine on the regular tour and nine on the senior tour) and explains how he learned the lesson and how he applies it not only on the golf course, but in everyday life as well.

He manages to do this in a simple and unconfusing way to allow the reader to understand it easily and enable the reader to apply it to his/her own life.

In discussing his first major title, the British Open in 1959, he admits that nerves could be a major obstacle when you realise that you are about to realise a life-long dream, something you want badly and have worked very hard to achieve. He says the secret is not to focus on the pressure of the situation, but rather on the blessing of being in a position to go for your dream.

Player’s books always sell well and with a recommended retail price of R 180 Don’t choke will be a good seller this Christmas. Zebra Press an imprint of Random House Struik. They can be contacted on 011 484 3538.

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