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June/July 2011

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The annual SAFTAD — SA Fishing Tackle Agents and Distributors — trade show has been growing in popularity and stature over nearly a decade. We asked a few of the committee members to explain the appeal of this low key show, and why they think retailers should attend
Date: 23–24 July 2011
Venue: Unisa Conference Centre, 2 Vinton Rd, Ormonde Ext 1.
Contact: Mary-Ann Hodgskin on
AKALS will not be exhibiting at the SAFTAD trade show this year, as they are going to exhibit all their products under one roof at a venue right next door to SAFTAD in the Edcon centre, 1 Vinton Road, Ormonde. SAFTAD only exhibits fishing products but Akals will showcase all their fishing, outdoor and cycling product ranges. Some international principals will be at the Akals show to introduce their latest products to visitors. They also have 90 rooms available for accommodation. Retailers interested in visiting can contact Debbie Soogreem at

John Pledger — SAFTAD chairman


THE ADVANTAGE of the SAFTAD show is that it gives access to a wide range of distributors at one venue and more importantly, the clients that attend are very serious about doing business. Regional shows often comprise of only a few distributors, whereas at the SAFTAD show in Johannesburg you could expect to find 90% or more of the tackle products available on the SA market. There have been enormous changes in mainline products like rods and reels over the past few years, but one of the most noticeable changes has been the increase in improved fishing accessory ranges. An increase in vertical jigging, drop shotting and casting with poppers for pelagic species has shown a change in fishing patterns over the last year. Even though the fishing trade has suffered just like all other industries over the world during the last year, the downturn has not been as severe.

The amount of insolvencies in the industry has been minimal, which would indicate that generally the industry is pretty sound. There are a few issues that the SAFTAD committee is attending to that could affect trade. We are presently discussing the issue of the legality of the ban on vertical jigging in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park with senior council. We are also having the constitution updated to conform to the new Consumer Protection Act to incorporate all retailers as well as members of all recreational fishing periphery industries. We are working closely with the Department of Agriculture, Fishing and Forestries (DAFF) in forming a consultitive forum where we have a seat, to prevent issues like bag limits and exorbitant increase in license fees becoming a problem again in the near future. DAFF has already made an arrangement to meet with SAFBAF on fresh water licences.

Mark Pledger — Rapala VMC SA

WHAT STARTED from humble beginnings — with a number of like-minded business persons getting together to run the first South African Fishing Tackle Trade show at Eskom Convention Centre in Midrand — the SAFTAD (South African Fishing Tackle Agents and Distributors Association) show has grown to become the number one attraction in the in the fishing trade’s calendar. This year will be no different with a record number of dealers exhibiting at the Unisa Hall, 2 Vinton Road, Ormonde on the 23rd and 24th of July.

In order to be competitive in these tougher trading conditions, that we find ourselves in, it is imperative that one stays abreast of the latest fishing technology and market developments. What way is easier or better than getting all the market leaders in one venue, to discuss season specials, new products and strengthening relationships that will benefit both dealer and the recreational fishing market in general.

Abdullah Mia — Mias Wholesale

SAFTAD’S WINNING recipe is that only fishing related items are shown, we have attractive rental/booth fees, a well-run association and a cozy atmosphere. Almost every wholesaler, manufacturer or distributor in the SA tackle industry exhibits at the show in Johannesburg and you get a chance to meet everyone at one venue. I personally feel that the market is moving away from the premium product - generally the lower to middle class products are what retailers will be looking at, which also gives retailers better profit margins. The state of the fishing tackle retail has been slow and steady over the past year, it certainly looks as if the recession has hit SA late.

Ahmed Hoosen — Sensational Tackle

THE SAFTAD SHOW provides a one stop shop for the retailer who wants to stock up on the latest tackle and keep up with new trends. It has a lot to offer in terms of new products and offers an opportunity for retailers to network and discuss new ideas as well as possible events that could effect the industry. The show also provides a platform for new companies that intend to break into the SA market with the opportunity to meet a large percentage of SA retailers at a single venue. It is also the annual meeting spot for all involved in the tackle industry. The SAFTAD show offers the retailer an opportunity to compare products as well as price head to head with most wholesalers. Regional shows don’t offer this option.

Pictured here from top: John Pledger, Mark Pledger, Abdullah Mia and Ahmed Hoosen

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