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October/November 2013

Committee to tackle industry issues

John Pledger has been re-elected chairman of the SA Fishing Tackle Agents and Distributors (SAFTAD) committee during the AGM held prior to the annual fishing tackle trade show. Six other committee members were re-elected, including secretary Mary-Ann Hodgskin, who handles all membership and show enquiries.

SAFTAD will commission a survey to determine the number of people employed in the recreational fishing industry, says Pledger.

This will also give an indication of the number of industry jobs that might be threatened by the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (NEMBA) on alien and invasive species that became law in July 2013. The act lists, among others, the numerous fishing species that must be eradicated or controlled.

Invasive species that must be controlled by an invasive species management programme include carp (excluding koi), smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, spotted bass, Florida bass, rainbow trout, brown trout, Nile and Mozambique tilapia, and many others. Under certain circumstances the minister may issue a permit to prevent eradication of the above species in a specific area.

But species like catfish, bream, minnow, African tiger fish, redeye bass, shoal bass, trout (except rainbow trout), tilapia, perch and many more are Prohibited Alien Species, which means that no permit to prevent eradication of these species may be issued.

Appointing someone to run SACRAA — an organisation representing everybody with an interest in fishing, from the public to service providers, retailers, suppliers etc — will also be a priority in the forthcoming year, says Pledger.

Next year’s SAFTAD show will be held on Saturday and Sunday, 16 and 17 August, at the same venue.

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