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July 2014

Jordan Shoes to become part of

major SA footwear company

Jordan Shoes will become part of a major new footwear company if an agreement between KAP Manufacturing, Beier Safety Footwear and Bolton Footwear is approved by the SA Competition Authorities.

They recently announced that two significant South African footwear groups will be formed after the conclusion of multi-party negotiations between Jordan Shoes owner KAP Manufacturing and the other two footwear companies.

One group will focus on lifestyle fashion and comfort footwear and will consist of local manufacturers and distributors Jordan Shoes, as well as Bolton Footwear’s Watson Shoes and Barker Footwear.

The group’s brands will include Anton Fabi, Bronx, Jordan, Renegade and Olympic from the Jordan stable, as well as Barker, Crockett & Jones, Grasshoppers, Dr. Hart, Franco Gemelli, GH Bass & Co, Paulo Falcone, Step-on-Airs and Watson from Bolton Footwear.

The other group will manufacture safety footwear for the South African and export market and will be formed by joining Bagshaw Footwear, Beier Safety Footwear, United Fram Footwear and Wayne Plastics. This will bring the Jordan safety brands Bronx, Frams, and Wayne together with Beier’s Bova and Sisi and Bolton’s Fuel, Lemaitre, Ndlovu, Inyati and Shu!

Under the agreement KAP Manufacturing will sell the four businesses in their footwear division as follows:

• Jordan Shoes will be bought by Bolton Footwear.

• United Fram Footwear and Wayne Plastics will become part of the new Safety Footwear company formed by merging Beier Safety Footwear and Bolton’s Bagshaw Footwear Division.

• Mossop-Western Leathers will be jointly acquired by the new Safety Footwear company, Bolton Footwear and SKN Corporation — a member of the Rahman Group of India, an international player in the safety footwear and tanning industries.

The management structures and the name of the new Safety Footwear company will only be announced after approval from the Competition Commission.

Industry survival

This agreement will contribute significantly to the survival of the South African footwear industry, which has been under threat from imports for many years, the companies said in a joint statement. It will also contribute to the sustainability and growth of local footwear manufacturing and the industry as a whole, they say.

“The shareholders in these groups are committed to the South African footwear manufacturing industry,” the statement continues. “The consolidation of resources will put these businesses in a stronger position to maximise the productivity improvement benefits offered by the Department of Trade and Industry under the Clothing & Textile Competitiveness Improvement Programme.

“This will contribute to achieving the objectives of the Industrial Policy Action Plan through significantly increased export activity and further job creation expansion.

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