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Outdoor clothing | 2015 trends | OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen
November 2014

Outdoor clothing trends

for 2015

The outdoor clothing trends for next year were shown at this year’s OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen. These are the designs, colours and themes that will be seen in outdoor clothing from international brands

Lightweight fabrics and bright colours are some of the leading outdoor clothing trends for 2015 identified at the Trend Show during the OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen this year. More brands have introduced fashion into the outdoor life, but, functional garments are still in demand as outdoor people are still looking for more than just a fashionable garment.

Most brands ensured that they produce quality products from fabrics with high breathability, a light weight, excellent moisture wicking and fast drying features. Materials are also expected to be summery, light, airy, stretchy, wind-proof and insulating (for cold weather), comfortable to wear, easy to maintain and should have integrated UV protection, if possible.

Several outdoor clothing themes were identified, with city life and travel considered to be the trendiest.

City life and travel

The city life and travel category features everyday wear and everyday accessories for everyday life.

In the coming season, sportswear that is comfortable, in cool styles, with diverse designs and details, will be seen under this theme. A natural look with natural fibres and matte finishes is trending in this theme that is more focused on the fashion laws, than outdoor. The natural look creatively disguises highly technical functions.

Colour blocking in soft, checked and flower prints will be popular. Materials include wool, viscose, cotton and recycled fibres. Sporty, trendy and casual cuts are featured.

Green tones, blue nuances, pink, soft natural beige, slight browns tones, discreet greys, black and white are the trending colours in city life and travel ranges and they work well when combined. All these colours bring different details into the look. Discreet greys add effects and a bit of elegance into the theme. Other colours featured are muted shades of cinnamon and olive grey, which are combined.

For the ladies robust parkas in cotton/light summer wool, perfectly cut chino trousers with t-shirts and blouses will feature in these ranges. Cotton sports jackets, pre-washed linen shirts, t-shirts and functional shirts are city life trends for men.

The trousers are lightweight with a fashionable slim cut, or are casually loose-fitting. They are also generally made from a mixture of fibres, including cotton or viscose, which features a cool feel in the summer. Densely woven microfibers and light softshells are for those with a more active lifestyle, including wind and waterproof lightweight coatings and lightweight laminates with membrane for cyclists.

Smooth lightweight fleeces and customised mesh patterns are also trending. This is because these materials provide good functionality and improved protection properties, where needed. The benefit of fleeces is that they keep a customer warm and dry quickly while they can also be worn for activities like the morning jog. Lightweight, textured fabrics and a velvet look with a bit of a velour feel are new introductions to the range.

The summer version of the city life and travel ranges features slight stretch fabrics, mixed with more, or less, lycra — depending on the use of the product. Blends of polyester or polyamide fabrics as well as natural fibres such as merino, cotton, or a mix of viscose, are featured.

Hiking and trekking

The lightweight fabrics featured in the hiking and trekking ranges are soft, with a naturally dry feel. Three-layer laminates made from a cotton/polyester mix that still meets the usual functional requirements are featured in the waterproof apparel.

Some of the fabrics in the theme feature reflecting tone-in-tone prints, displaying new aspects of sporty fashion. The new individual body mapping technologies help to show the best fit with different types of fabrics.

The look is far from the sporty aggressiveness of performance gear. A trendy silhouette is important for jackets, hiking trousers and functional undergarments.

Hiking and trekking clothing is as colourful as the boots and shoes in this category. The shoes are lightweight all-rounders with light mesh materials, great colour combinations and good sole technologies.

In this theme, inspiration is drawn from the history of hiking, in fashion that has contributed many colours, details and silhouettes. Other types of sports have been used for inspiration too. Old school plaid shirts and blouses remain popular on hiking trails. This theme features a mixture of different bright colours, adding variety to the theme.

Plum, ruby and pink are the new colours making their debut in hiking and trekking. Bluish white is also featured and it contrasts nicely with the new colours. Vibrant yellow and different shades of orange reflect the light of the sun. Lush green or mineral blue add a touch of nature — orange and red give this colour scheme energy. The combination of different blues and greens reflect the natural path.

Functional trail running

Functional fibres and fabrics are crucial in trail running. Functional knitwear can be seen in running shirts, t-shirts and tops with different textures that feel soft and comfortable on the skin. Fabrics are tight-fitting, lightweight and have a breathable stretch. These fabrics have a high elastane content, resulting in quick drying and slight, or more pronounced, compression in the jerseys and running tights.

The inclusion of mesh provides extra air circulation, helping the body to keep cool enough. Light softshells feature the soft tricot backings that flatter the body and protect against the wind.

Shades of turquoise, aqua, and deep blue are some of the colours included in trail running. Orange, a trending colour in other themes, is also present in trail running. Bleached yellow brightens up the look, while intense violet adds a lively touch. Green and pink are also some of the colours trending in this theme.

Mountaineering theme

Clothing in the mountaineering ranges are made of light weight fabrics and feature classical elegant colours. Inspirations in this theme come from innovative fabrics and fibres, and also from materials providing qualities that make the outdoor activities easier.

Classic jacket designs with wind- and waterproof materials and functional details, like hoods that fit well over climbing helmets, are seen in the mountaineering ranges. A broad range of softshells were shown, also with the look, touch and feel suitable for summer sports.

Light weight fabrics that are soft with a dry feel are trending in mountaineering gear. The garments for the 2015 season are so lightweight that they can be folded into a small size and stored in a bag inside the backpack.

Classical elegant colours with sophisticated, vibrant, tones, focusing on a variety of blue and turquoise shades are trending in mountaineering. A combination of bright orange and pink is introduced in zippers, thin trimmings and as collar insides. Green shades used in collaboration with cool blue also introduce an interesting vibe.

New introductions to the range include colours like radiant yellow, deep earthy red and strong orange for both men and women. Aubergine is an important tone, providing unusual effects which are sometimes seen with bright and colourful opposites.

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