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Q4 2018

It’s holiday time!
At the seaside or next to the pool

With 46 Blue Flag beaches, the South African coast is a magnet for holidaymakers during the summer break. Blue Flag status is only awarded if the beach is clean, safe and environmentally friendly, judged by strict international criteria. In addition, 24 KwaZulu Natal, Western Cape and Eastern Cape beaches are participating in a pilot programme to work towards achieving full Blue Flag status.

It is therefore no wonder that around 700 000 people flock to Durban’s 100km of beaches over the peak Christmas weekend period, with about half a million people crowding the beaches on New Year’s Day. More than 250 000 people endure Cape Town’s cold water over the four-day Christmas period, with an average of about 100 000 people per day visiting Cape Town beaches during the December-January holidays.

Seeking shade

On sunny days in the holiday season you often cannot see the beach for all the umbrellas providing a bit of shady relief. Therefore, remind your customers to pack their own umbrella to mark their spot on a crowded beach.

The Tanga range from De Wet Sports offers beach umbrellas in four different sizes: from the smaller 180cm diameter, to 200cm, 225cm and the family-sized 256cm. All of them offer UV protection, carry bags and the poles have a tilt function.

The smaller size has a durable polyester fabric cover in four mono or checkered colour designs. It has a 9/22 steel pole.

The other umbrellas in the range have striped canopies in durable 210D oxford fabric that offers 50+ UV protection. The 200cm size is mounted on a 22/25 steel pole. The largest two umbrellas both have 28/32 steel poles fitted with a wind flap, deluxe pole connector and deluxe runner mechanism.

An umbrella anchor is a handy accessory on a windy beach. The one on offer by De Wet Sports will safely secure an umbrella and prevent it from being blown away. It has a heavy duty reinforced construction to keep high stress areas from cracking and the universal holder fastens most sizes of beach umbrellas. It is easy to use and installs in seconds with ergonomic handles. The ABS plastic anchor does not rust like metal anchors.

Sitting pretty


Comfortable beach loungers and chairs complete the idyllic beach picture. The Tanga range from De Wet Sports now also offer these.

Their range of Diaz beach chairs comes in three bright colours and will carry up to 90kg. The durable seat covers (47x48cm) in 600D durable nylon has a PVC coating for protection.

The Hobie beach loungers in blue and green is made of the same PVC-coated durable nylon. The adjustable backrest is supported by a high tensile steel frame.

The 164 x 55cm lounger-cum-mat folds easily to be taken to where-ever seating on the ground is required.

Diving in the blue

Customers who’ll be exploring coastal waters below the surface, whether diving for crayfish or just admiring the scenery, will have plenty to choose from in the Saekodive and Ez-Life snorkelling ranges from WET Sports and Importers.

They offer new PVC and silicone masks and a new snorkel with a semi-dry stop and non-return valve. Their attractive two-tone fins are available in a full size curve and they are supported by spring fin straps that offer extreme heel support.

Among the new diving accessories is a 150 lumens dive light that is waterproof up to 50m.

They also offer a variety of new products for swimmers at all levels who’ll be spending time in swimming pools. The little ones learning to swim will enjoy the weighted dive animals, while all will enjoy playing with the new deluxe frisbees, before cooling off with the cooling towel.

They also offer junior and senior swim masks and silicone caps in various colours.

Be safe in the water

South Africa has an exceptionally high drowning rate of 3 out of every 100 000 people. Over the festive season last year 14 people drowned around Cape Town alone. Safety when swimming could therefore be a question of life and death.

Swim Secure’s products are made to keep your customers safe and visible, and they also provide waterproof storage. They cater for open water swimmers, triathletes, recreational swimmers, families and everyone in between.

“Our mission is simple, we want to equip open water swimmers of all ages and abilities to swim safely in open water. Whether that is someone brand new to open water swimming or a seasoned competitor, we can provide the equipment he needs to feel supported in the water and #Be Safer Be Seen,” explains Swim Secure.

The products are designed to float behind the swimmer, out of the way of his arms and legs, as well as to create minimal drag. The waterproof products keep water out at surface pressure.

Tow floats are ideal for situations where the swimmer wants to be more visible, for example when he shares the water with boat users, or if a group of swimmers needs to be visible from the shore. Kids can also easily be spotted when swimming without their parents, etc. A tow float can also be used for a rest when needed.

Swim Secure’s bright inflatable dry bag offers the swimmer a convenient storing kit while he’s swimming and also doubles as an inflatable buoy for increased visibility. It comes with a leash and waist strap. Additionally, “all our inflatable dry bags will easily support an adult’s weight if you need to rest, simply by turning around and holding onto the Swim Secure dry-bag.”

Swim Secure is today one of the biggest open water dry bag and tow float brands in the UK. It will be launched in South Africa at the IronMan 70.3 in Durban and the Midmar Mile.

Swim Secure is distributed in South Africa by CorSport.

According to various surveys children aged fifteen years and under. Children younger than five are especially vulnerable.

The new Bestway swim ring range from De Wet Sports will not only keep youngsters afloat, but should keep them entertained as well.

The new fruit and donut swim rings indeed look good enough to eat. There is a watermelon and pineapple in the sturdy pre-tested vinyl fruit rings range. Both the fruit and donut rings are aimed at the 12 years and older age group.

The smaller designer swim rings are aimed at a younger age group, namely eight and over.

Toddlers, from three years onwards, will be enchanted by the latest novelty tide from Bestway, the Fantasy Unicorn Rider. The two air chambers can carry a weight of up to 45kg. When inflated, it is sized 150 x 117cm and it features heavy duty handles.

Floating on the water

The fun fruity theme is continued in the new range of floats and islands from Bestway. Adults can soak up the sun on a banana sized 139 x 129cm, a 174 x 96cm pineapple, a lemon with a diameter of 134cm, watermelon (174 x 89cm) or a strawberry (156 x 144cm).

The whole fruit bowl feature two air chambers and are made from sturdy pre-tested vinyl.

This fun-filled theme is continued with a 139 x 129cm popsicle and 188 x 130cm ice cream float, a 190 x 99cm tropical beverage lounge with cup holder and a pizza lounge, also with cup holder. Built- in grommets under the pizza slice makes it possible to connect to other lounges and create an entire family-sized pizza.

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