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Q4 2018

Holiday stock for travellers

The percentage of South Africans travelling internationally is growing — the first Tripadvisor survey to include South Africans, for example, showed a 17% increase in planned trips by South Africans between 2013 and 2014.

The 52% of South Africans who said they’d like to travel overseas, however, is quite far behind the global average of 77% travellers who indicated that they are planning international trips. Although for many Europeans international travel could mean an effortless day or weekend trip to a neighbouring country.

While South Africans are not yet realising their full international travel potential, 5.5-m locals did travel across borders in 2016, and 300 000 of them travelled for leisure, Gillian Saunders of Grant Thornton last year said at the World Travel Market Africa in Cape Town.

And whether they travel for work or pleasure, your customers will benefit from the interesting accessories currently available from suppliers.

Powerbanks: travellers’ friends

Powerbanks have become travellers’ best friends in just a few years. Whether your customers are travelling in the bush or exploring exotic overseas locations, they will have cell phones, tablets, cameras and computers to download photos that will need charging.

When on a prolonged outing, they will need a portable power source to ensure that their phone or camera battery doesn’t die on them.

Powerbanks have therefore now become smaller and more powerful (excuse the pun) than ever before.

For example, the new Red-e RC10 10000 mAh can charge two electronic devices simultaneously, even when it is being recharged. It can be charged 500 times and has a high output conversion rate of 85%.

Two new more compact versions (5000 mAh —RC5 and 20 000 mAh—RC20) deliver the same charging performance.

The range is locally available from Omnico. They also supply a new 1-n USB Type-C cable that works equally well with their GoPro action cameras and most Smart phones.

Capture all the action on camera

Some customers feel they haven’t experienced anything if they didn’t capture it on camera. Especially, those who enjoy exciting action on the water, climbing, riding or running.

The newest model of the GoPro Hero 7 Black is indeed coloured black and its improved stabilization will deliver a much smoother video of all the holiday fun. The live streaming feature also makes it much easier to share your holiday memories on social media.

Keeping clean on the go

Ablution facilities can be fairly basic when you are travelling in the bush or on a backpacking trip overseas.

Several products from Lifeventure provide a solution. The Dry Body Wash Gel is a great option everywhere where water is scarce — whether in a drought-stricken city or on a trip where you don’t want to use scarce water resources for washing. The anti-bacterial gel is pH-balanced so it won’t dry out your skin and totally biodegradable so it won’t contaminate any water sources or the planet.

The brand, locally distributed by Traverse Outdoor Gear, offers several other options to make it easier to stay clean while travelling.

A hanging wash bag to transport washing gear has one main compartment and multiple zipped organisation pockets. The durable bag (made from lightweight ripstop nylon) has a metal hook for hanging and a nylon webbing loop on the reverse enables the user to flip and secure the top of the bag for easy access.

The multi-functional small (20 x 13 x 40cm) wash bag is space-saving and very practical. It has two compartments for wet and dry gear, as well as two internal slip pockets with a detachable mirror. A luxury extra is a tucked-away metal hanger.

The SoftFibre blue travel towel is the original and most popular all-rounder travel towel in the Lifeventure range. The pink travel towel is, however, brushed intensively to make it particularly soft. Lifeventure says this lightweight travel towel dries 8 times faster than a beach towel, yet absorbs 9 times its own weight in water. Each towel is permanently treated with an antibacterial formula to keep it feeling and smelling fresh.

Travellers who pack small and light always have to wash clothes during the trip and finding space to hang the clothes to dry can be a problem — which the Lifeventure travel clothes line solves.

Clothes and towels can simply be clipped to the twisted line, without the need for pegs. It has both hooks and suction cups on each end to enable the most effective way to fasten it. A dedicated compact carry case prevents it from getting tangled in the travellers’ luggage.

Keep your valuables safe

Losing your passport or money is one of a travellers’ greatest fears. Lifeventure, from Traverse Outdoor Gear, offers different solutions.

The soft and lightweight RFiD Chest Wallet is designed to be worn around your neck and under your clothes on an adjustable neck cord. The body facing fabric is lightweight, soft and breathable for warmer climates and the pockets are designed to fit a passport and other travel documents. The nickel and copper coated polyester fabric of the wallet also shields the contents from radio frequency identification (RFiD) readers.

An alternative security option is a cotton webbing Lifeventure travel money belt, which doubles as a normal belt. A built in security pocket conceals emergency currency. It fits waists sized 26-44”.

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