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Q4 2018

It’s holiday time!
Is your stock ready?

Plan your stock to offer your customers the most innovative and interesting new products for their holidays – whether they are planning to go camping, head for the beach, or travel across border or overseas.

No matter how bad the economy, South Africans will be heading to holiday spots in December and January. The only difference could be that they may scale down on the time spent away from their jobs and homes, as well as the destination and type of accommodation they choose.

Campsites, which are still quite affordable, are bound to benefit.

With many campsites and national parks offering discounts to pensioners during the week, camping is growing in popularity amongst people who have retired and have the time and money to go on extended camping trips. And they buy equipment that make their trip as comfortable as possible.

A quick troll on Facebook shows how astonishingly popular camping is amongst South Africans — especially pensioners and Afrikaans speaking families.

The six Facebook pages that popped up with a superficial search have a combined membership of 93 540. Sure, several of these pages will have membership that overlap, but at least three pages have more than 20 000 members. My camping sites has 27 146 members, Kamp-Mal has 26 178 members and Karavane koop en verkoop has 20 426 members. Another site, Senior kampeerders (for campers aged 60 plus) has 13 617 members.

There is therefore a vast potential market for camping equipment and accessories.

Sit and sleep in comfort

A veteran camper once said you need two things for a successful camping trip: a comfortable bed and a comfortable chair.

Nowadays, many campers also want camping furniture that can be folded to fit in a compact space like a car, and are lightweight and easy to set up.

The new stretcher, chairs and stools in De Wet Sport’s Medalist range meet these criteria: lightweight, easy to stow and strong enough to carry the average camper comfortably.

The Slumber Stretcher can carry a weight of up to 110kg on its 600D canvas bed and lightweight anodised aluminium tube frame. It folds away into its own carry bag.

Mopane is a meneer of a chair, capable of supporting 140 kg on its generous 60 x 60cm durable 600D nylon seat and strong high tensile steel frame. Comfort features include a foam padded backrest, cup holder and a utility pocket to store binoculars or reading material. It all folds with ease into a carry bag.

The Baobab chair is capable of supporting a weighty 120kg on its wide 60 x 60m durable 600D nylon seat, supported by a tensile steel frame. The armrests include a built-in cup holder and despite its high back rest, it folds neatly into its own carry bag.

The Quiver chair is aimed at a smaller camper with its 55 x 55cm seat and maximum weight limit of 100kg. It features a cup holder, carry bag and a lower back rest.

Stools take up very little space and are very easy to carry around, but offer plenty of seating comfort for children and smaller adults who want to rest while braaiing or watching an outdoor event.

There are two new models in the Medalist range: the smaller (32 x 32cm) Tripod and slightly bigger (35 x 29cm) Compact stools. Both can carry up to 80kg and the Tripod includes a carry bag.

Seeing the light with lanterns

The latest outdoor lighting options have a very wide appeal, not only for campers. Portable lighting is used at home, around the bar, on hikes or moonlight walks ... the uses are endless.

The new lanterns in the Medalist range from De Wet Sports will make innovative gifts for adults as well as children who are scared of the dark.

The brightly coloured lightbulb-shaped LED lanterns with sturdy hanging hooks are sold in a package of two. The lightweight and compact polymer lights offer 150 lumens brightness in three lighting modes — high, low and strobe. It can provide up to 10 hours of light on high.

The compact Radiate lantern has many interesting features: to turn on, simply pull it out of its protective body, and push it down to turn it off again. The ultra-bright 250 lumens COB LED bulbs provide 360º illumination — even in rain, because it is water resistant. It can stand on a surface or hang on its carry handles that fold down.

The lightweight and compact ketllebell-shaped Glow lantern can be recharged with an integrated USB cable. It has 100 lumens ultra bright LED output in three modes — full, low and flashing. The patented flexible charging cable loops makes it easy to attach. The design makes its strong ABS plastic body water-resistant.

Storing food and drink

Few things can spoil a camping or safari trip more than sand, dust and bugs intermingled with your food and drinks — especially if you are far from the closest store to top up your provisions.

Retailers would therefore be doing their customers who’ll be travelling off the beaten track a favour by recommending some impenetrable storage containers that will also improve their green footprint by reducing the need for disposable plastic or styrofoam containers that pollute the planet.

Klean Kanteen offers a variety of such vacuum insulated canisters and is locally available from Awesome Tools. In addition, their trademarked Climate Lock double-wall vacuum insulation technology keeps food and drinks hot or cold for eight hours and the lid is leak-proof so that you can transport coffee or an ice cold drink over the worst roads. The recycled cardboard insulated lid works on the insulated as well as single wall food canisters.

You can also write on the 18/8 stainless steel outer to keep track of which foods are stored where when buying in bulk.

The electropolished interior is safe, non-toxic and easy to clean.

There are various other products in the range, including an insulated wide mouth coffee mug (works equally well for tea or cool drinks) with a leak proof cap. The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks hot for 14 hours and iced for 48 hours. The Klean Coat finish is chip-resistant and four times more durable than ordinary finishes.

Klean Kanteen products are not cheap compared to their plastic counterparts but they come with a lifetime guarantee and reduce plastic pollution as well as the landfill space used by disposables.

Nifty eating utensils

More and more campers are looking for lightweight and compact accessories that they can transport in their car without the need for a trailer or external storage boxes. And remember, backpackers also camp if they are on an extended trek.

The brightly coloured Lifeventure Ellipse collapsible bowls are made from food grade materials, with a rigid nylon base and flexible silicone walls. When not in use they fold completely flat, but when the sides are raised they stay strong — even when the bowl is empty.

They even have a hanging loop (handy for drying) and are BPA free. Backpackers will appreciate the fact that they only weigh 90g.

Pair them with the Lifeventure Ellipse camping cutlery in a variety of bright colours. The plastic sets (knife, fork and spoon) click together for easy storage and the smooth, durable outer makes them easy to clean.

This eating utensil set is rounded off by a Lifeventure flip-top thermal mug and flask, which makes it easier to eat and drink on the go. The lid flips open 180º and is both secure and easy to clean. It can keep liquid hot for up to three hours.

Lifeventure is locally available from Traverse Outdoor Gear.

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