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The title and contents of Sports Trader are protected by copyright. It is a bi-monthly business to business publication compiled to inform, entertain and educate retailers, distributers and manufacturers of sports and outdoor equipment, footwear and clothing. Permission is required to use parts or sections of the articles for editorial or promotional use. Email the editor to request permission for any use of the articles.

Arms and ammunition

40 000 reasons to be at HuntEx
Hunting and shooting biggest market?
How firearms directive will affect dealers
Hunting market keeps on growing
Highs and lows from hunting shows
New bill affects sport shooters and hunters
Did hunting revive the retail trade?


SA athletes perform ... against all odds
Athletic field events strong at school
Promising times for athletics in SA
Selling tips: athletic equipment
Athletic spikes: recommending the right ones


The backpack is the new black
Recommending backpacks for the family
Product knowledge: What you need to know to sell backpacks
Backpack and hydration trends


See Soft- and baseball


Basketball is scoring at top schools and universities


Tips on selling tents
What tent customers want to know

Combat sport

Can combat sports grow retail sales?


Product knowledge: outdoor eating options
Selling tips: outdoor cooking


What affects a cricket ball?
Is schools cricket recovering?
Do top cricketers sell more bats?
Cricket transformation: Counting the right numbers
Dukes owner explains cricket balls
Is it still cricket?
Matching a cricketbat to a player

Cue sport

What's the difference between pool and snooker?


Fitting a cycling helmet
Schools help MTB grow
Science helps cycling
Yes Sirree, cycling is the new golf
Olympic's active cycling launch
Cycling grows in new markets
Boom time for cycling


Product knowledge: Recommending darts
Darts: Going like a Boeing
Selling tips: darts


Snorkel to do good
Product knowledge: equipping snorkelers’ and divers’ feet
Economy challenges diving industry


When times are tough, the tough go fishing
Fishing not for the faint hearted
Data required to ensure the future of recreational fishing
Fishing industry goes to court
Reeling in on SA’s fishing problems
How well prepared did your customers go fishing?


Trendy fitness activities
What's trending in fitness?
Women's fitness market growing
Wearables #1 trend in fitness


Golf: Is the market on the upswing?


Safe and comfortable on the hiking trail
Kitting out the new hiker
Kitting out a hiker


The A-Z of hockey stick technologies
Can hockey grow new markets?
High hopes for hockey
Hockey on a high
The price of hockey's success
Kitting out different levels of hockey players
Selling tips: hockey sticks
Product knowledge: When to replace a hockey stick


See Arms and ammunition


Keeping water safe on the go
Bladders, bottles or belts?
Backpack and hydration trends
Product knowledge: Bottles vs bladders – when to recommend what
Bladders, bottles or belts?
Keeping water safe on the go
Product knowledge: Water purification

Load shedding

Alternatives to electricity
Products to recommend for power outages
Charging equipment on the go


Product knowledge: The ABC of LED lighting


Mouthguards what is plan B when things go wrong

Multitools and knives

The story of tools that do everything
Tim Leatherman talks multi-tools
Selling tips: knives
Recommending a multitool
What sells knives and multi-tools


More than 2-m reasons to support netball
Is netball losing its cinderella status
Netball hots up

Olympic Games

How to use the Olympic Games to increase product sales
Socialising games want to go Olympic
Who and what to watch at the Olympics
Product knowledge: Recomending the right squash and badminton racket

Outdoor general

ABC of outdoor technology
Competition Commission takes a close look at the outdoor industry
Growing outdoor sales in tough times

Powerbanks and rechargeables

Charging equipment on the go

Protective wear and gear

Matching a cricketbat to a player
Product knowledge: Recommending the right mouthguards without your client having to try them on
Protecting heads and bodies
Product knowledge: Protective gear
Taping it!

Racket sport

Fitting the right racket grip
Exciting times for the tennis industry
How healthy is the tennis market
Innovative technologies in the latest tennis rackets
Racket sports growing at grassroots level
Do iconic tennis stars sell rackets
Tennis on a roll
Product knowledge: What puts the bounce in a tennis ball?


Pros and cons of running expos
The latest in running accessories
The long and short of windproof and waterproof fabrics
Accessories to boost running sales
Women power also in running
Running in lowlight conditions
Kitting out the social runner
Latest in running footwear
ABC of running shoe soles


Skateboarding a tool for change
Skateboarding: up or down?
Tap into skateboarding's cool image

Sleeping systems

Product knowledge: Sleeping bags
Product knowledge: Recommending the right sleeping system
Selling tips: Outdoor sleeping accessories
Selling tips: sleeping systems
What’s inside sleeping systems


See Diving

Soft- and baseball

Soft- and baseball are bouncing back

Special occassions

Holiday gifts for the seaside or next to the pool
It’s holiday time! Is your stock ready?
Father's Day gifts offer great sales opportunities
Mother's Day: A chance to reach the women's market
Stock up for Xmas and the holiday rush
Who and what to watch at the Olympics


See Racket sport


Massive growth in SUP


Surfing into the Olympics


Fitting the competitive swimmer
Product knowledge: How to sell swimming goggles
Selling more swimming accessories

Team sport

You gave us hope, 'Bokke
School sport can improve learners’ futures
Associations help develop new WC stars
Product knowledge: soccer boots and balls for different terrains
Winter team sports: If schools could just get their acts together
What drives the balls market?
Team balls stay sellers ... even when money is tight
Will the 2007 bok fever be repeated?
Recommending winter sports products for teams
Developing team sport and sales
What’s in a ball outer?

Table sport

Which table sport sells the best?


See Racket sport


Holiday stock for travellers


Product knowledge: kitting out a triathlete
Selling tips: triathlon gear


Selling tips: volleyball and water polo balls


Did Ramaphoria boost walking shoe sales?

Water polo

School water polo is bigger than you think
Selling tips: volleyball and water polo balls


Wearables #1 trend in fitness
New wearable technologies to delight athletes
How smartphones and apps change the industry
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