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The multi-talented Rocklands Communications team offers various value-added services for clients.

Client catalogues:

From product photography, colour correction, deep edging, design and printing – we offer a full service for the design of client catalogues, whether in print or online. We’ve produced and designed many catalogues for clients – as well as product information sheets (remember, the new Consumer Protection Act requires all product information to be in easily understandable plain language), advertising flyers and other marketing material. Contact Nicol du Toit to discuss your needs.

Research and statistics:

Nobody knows the South African sport and outdoor retail market like we do. Ask any retailer and supplier and they will tell you that Sports Trader is the company with comprehensive knowledge of, and insight into, the South African sport and outdoor markets. Because we regularly talk to such diverse players in the market, we are able to give a comprehensive overview of the state of the industry: when preparing articles, we gather statistics from sports federations and we talk to retailers and suppliers of a wide variety of sport, outdoor and lifestyle products. We therefore know where and how to gather the information you might require about the South African market. Why not put us to the test by commissioning a research report – international companies already have! Contact Nicol du Toit to discuss your needs.

Advertising design:

We design most adverts that appear in Sports Trader magazine – and are also commissioned by some brands to design their adverts for other publications. We know most sports and outdoor products well, plus we understand the market, and can therefore write copy, photograph and design an ad for you with the least amount of hassle at a very competitive price. Contact Nicol du Toit for a quote.


We’ve been photographing products for ages (and know about all the pitfalls); do our own photography for articles and have also covered numerous events, weddings and launches for clients. Our quality is professional, delivery prompt and cost – just say you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Contact Nicol du Toit for a quote.

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